A Year & A Day: Ti-Malice

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Ti-Malice:

“Of course, I’m after your gold. But I feel that this kind of pirating is far more pleasant. You know what I am after. Would it be better that I thirsted for your very heart’s-blood? Or that I was stealing your soul, or your name, or some other such nebulous concerns? Just say ‘thank you’ and I shall take your treasure and call it a day.”

Kith Excerpt:

The tales of Kweku Ananasi- fat, sassy and greedy spider God of the Ashanti, traveled across the waves to the new world, twisting and evolving as tales do. By the time they reached the Fiefdom’s of Bright Paradise, Kweku Anansi had evolved into a new deity that matched the plight of those who carried these stories. Long gone was the simple hungry greed of a bloated Spider Trickster. This was Ti-Malice, a Loa-deity who works hard, thinks hard, and enacts Machiavellian stratagems to sate his hunger for wealth.

Like many of Africa’s Dreaming population, there are children who carry the name and the blood of that deity. The
Ekwu, the Nyar Viruze, and the children of Ellegua Eshu. Across the Varied Dreaming lands of the Caribbean, the Ti-Malice represent another such family. They carry on the legacy of hard work, smart work, and each taking great draconian measures to achieve their wealth.

Creepily astute, maddingly productive, but not without the trickster charm of their forebear, the Ti-Malice can be found journeying throughout the Fiefs, always in pursuit of their coveted treasures. This treasure may take different forms dependent on each individual. Some prefer monetary assets, while others prefer magical treasures, or even stories and names. There are always arduous adventures a plenty in these pursuits, and the Ti-malice welcome them all.



“The spider’s web: She finds an innocuous corner in which to spin her web. The longer the web takes, the more fabulous its
construction. She has no need to chase. She sits quietly, her patience a consummate force; she waits for her prey to come to
her on their own, and then she ensnares them, injects them with venom, rendering them unable to escape. Spiders – so needed
and yet so misunderstood.” ― Donna Lynn Hope


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