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Quoth the Portune:

“Bon-Soir, mon Amie, would you care for a roasted Frog? They are exceedingly good tonight…”

Kith Excerpt:

The most gregarious, and perhaps the oldest of all the Fabian (Fae), the Portune are one of the ultra rare Marca (Double Seelie). They serve as guides, advisors, and listening ears to all the other Fabian, regardless of Mortal or Changeling, Seelie or Unseelie. They hold Redcaps in the same regards as the Sidhe and will aid anyone that warrants help. They are stewards of the countryside, aides to vineyards, and all around pleasant individuals. The Historian Gervase of Tilbury painted these beings as English and French Demons (and incorrectly called them Neptune in France), but he was obviously mistaken. The Portunes are anything but…

An invariably male Lutin ,perhaps to balance out the all-female Eagle-owl Duphon, the Portunes are an easy-going group. They are fond of campfires, wine, and riddles. They love wordplay, and the more than occasional Dad-Joke. their evenings are spent roasting frogs, and they aren’t above the occasional prank, which is rarely taken too far. The most rapacious of the Portunes can boast that their most malevolent actions only led to a farmer falling off his horse into a stream.

Despite this over-all benevolence, however, is a strong distaste for injustice. A Portune will not brook mean-spirited actions. While they will not strike back with violence, their curse birthright (below) will ensure that the guilty party meets justice.



“Le temps est un grand maître, dit-on. Le malheur est qui’il tue ses élèves.”
(“We say that time is a great teacher. It’s too bad that it kills all its students.”)
– Hector Berlioz


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