A Year and A Day: Ielles

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Ielle:

“Did you not say ‘God Bless You’ when I sneezed? I thought not. Prepare to face my judgement you blasphemous worm!”

Kith Excerpt:

Also called Illyes, Ieles, Dinsele (Much to the Dinsele’s consternation), Elles, Maistreses (the Mistresses), the Puternice (the strong ones) and dozens of other appellations, these goddesses of the wild are better referred to as “Them” or “They.” These all stem from the knowledge that it is bad luck to refer to them at all.

They are also alternately understood as Virgin Ghosts, Sky-witches, Demons of light and air, vampires, or even other less savory tribes of supernatural creature. Some Dreaming scholars even posit that the Ielles are a family of Inanimae, one that is tied to the natural world of color and light—a Phylum of morning-Nymphs. In the end, there is very little agreed upon concerning about these ethereal beauties. What can be certain is that the Ielles have roamed and protected the Romanian countryside since time immemorial, without nothing else to be proven.

This Vâlvă (Kith) serves as the de facto leaders of the whole of Transylvanian Vântoase (Fae). An exceedingly proud race, they also feel that this leadership extends to not only their fellow fae, but also the other supernatural creatures in the, and even their mortals. Yes, most Ielles, consider mortals to be their’s, and humans have no say in the matter.



“So beware, dear tourist. When you decide to visit Romania avoid walking in the woods at night and stay away from the strange circles. And if you meet the lovely Iele, be polite and tell them that you are a stranger and maybe they will forgive you this one time.”
– Warning from Rolandia-Tours: Romania’s Leading Tour company


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