A Year and A Day: Haerviu

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Haerviu:

“Are you sure you won’t have any whisky with me? It’s mighty cold out there, and I promise I’ll get you home if you get a mite too spliffed…”

Kith Excerpt:

The Haerviu, Huirnviu, Hairviey, (pronounced as Harvey, Herver, or Magillicuddy depending on whom you ask) are a very old-world family of Adhene. Twisted and Macabre merchants of irony and two-penny peddlers of miracles, the Haerviu have been granting wishes since the beginnings.

These Denizens exist solely to manifest one of the perhaps the most ancient and primal rule in creation. Nothing comes for free. In this, the Haerviu make it a point to ensure that those who wish for glory, fame, or money get their wishes granted, and fall prey to their own misgivings in doing so.

The Haerviu perform these tasks with an almost bored detachment. They have been doing so for ages and won’t stop anytime soon. This leads many to believe that the Adhene is the most alien of all the Denizen families. Some have even called them evil. This is not so. They aren’t evil by any stretch of the term, and they certainly do care. They just care enough to let mortals get their own way.



“You see, science has overcome time and space.
Well, Harvey has overcome not only time and space, but any objections.”
– Elwood P. Dowd, “Harvey”


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