A Year and A Day: Dinsele

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Dinsele:

“Yes, milady? What do you require? More Milk… of course. I myself am a pint low. Give me but a moment, and I will fetch us both some.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Dinsele are a happily strange lot. Perhaps the most accessible of Transylvania’s Sanziene (Seelie), even if they are a wild bunch of cross-road cats, they hold a special place in the Land Beyond the Forest, tied to these lands in ways that few others can boast. Almost exclusively Male (the Females are a rare lot- but do exist) the Dinsele are meant to serve the Ielles, and the land, in any number of roles. In fact, at one time – the Ielles (whose name translates to They) and the Dinsele (whose name translates to They Themselves) were thought to be one and the same Vâlvă (Kith). But one true look at the beefy- and dark-Dinsele and likewise the ephemeral and white-clad Ielle puts to rest any such supposition.

They are also called the Tribe of Midnight, at least to other Cats. They are a strange tribe of Cait-Sith (Cats that decide that they are Fae), but their loyalties lie among their fellow Vântoase (Transylvanian Fae). They are unique in this regards, as most other Cats stress loyalty to self alone. Jacks-of-all Trades, especially magical warfare, the Dinsele are held in high regard by the other Vâlvă. They are especially regarded by the Ielles in whom they serve so diligently.

While not all the Dinsele are Side-Kicks to the Ielle—for lack of a better word- all are loyal to local Sanziene Courts. And while as mischievous as any Cait-Sith, the Dinsele are rarely malicious or blood-thirsty (Despite their feeding Frailties below). In fact, the Dinsele are one of the rarest of Dreaming born Creatures- A Marcra (Double Seelie). Even if they do need warm fresh blood – they are honest, loyal, and benevolent- more-so than any other Creature in the Land Beyond the Forest.



“God made the cat to give man the pleasure of stroking a tiger.”
— Joseph Méry


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