A Year & A Day: Aziza

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Quoth the Aziza:

“Remember the adage my friend, of giving a fish, or teaching to fish. Will you go hungry tomorrow to be full tonight?”

Kith Excerpt:

The Dahomey people of modern-day Benin once claimed the most beneficial of Emere to watch over them. Every bit the little people of fairy antiquity, the Aziza were a good-natured Akuko (Kith) that watched and guided their favorite families. They helped the mortals hunt, provided them with healing herbs when they were sick, and even brought them gifts during celebrations.

The Aziza are still beneficial, but today prefer to let mortals handle their own affairs. They have their own lives in the tops of silkwood trees, or deep in underground lairs, and choose not to over-extend themselves in the goings-on of others. Even in their mortal lives, they choose to maintain some distance between the busyness and politicking of the world of humans. To get caught up in such is to lose some of the easy contentment of a nice magical life.

This also extends to the other African Fae. It is important to realize that as kind, and sometimes even soft hearted as they are, to meddle over-much in the affairs of others is to lose oneself. They leave that kind of interaction to the Neiterkob, whose need are obviously more invested in the well-being of others.



“Even as the archer loves the arrow that flies, so too he loves the bow that remains constant in his hands.” – Nigerian Proverb


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