A Year & A Day: Junk-Tooths

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Junk-Tooths.pdf

Quoth the Junk-Tooth:

“Yeah, I could go to a dentist, but I pulled my back out humping your mom last night.”

Kith Excerpt:

Less of a Kith and more of a bastardy Bloodline, the Junk-Tooths are trailer-park remnants of moxy and chutzpah, and those left behind. They are the Dreaming equivalent of that one kid in your class with green teeth that ate glue. Though it’s not prudent to dismiss them. They can be as loyal as the Trolls, as wild as the Eshu, or as violent as the Sidhe. One thing they won’t be is a joke, despite their Pooka blood ties, and one would be wise to remember this.

Descended from pooka (not that many Pooka would admit this of course). The Junk-Tooths are a matriarchal line. Even the Eldest Males are subservient to the dictates of the Mommas (the Eldest Females of the Line). What truly sets a Junk-Tooth apart from their more mainstream pooka cousins, however, is not only their lack of perfect Teeth (the source of their sobriquet) But also the manner in which they come into the world).

The Chrysalis of the Junk-Tooth is a harsh mistress. The Junk-Tooths are invariably orphans from the worst dregs of mortal society- Trailer-Park and Junkyards, war-torn barrios and Ghetto alley-ways, tundra-waste lands and deserts filled with insurgents; these places and more are where the dreams of the Junk-Tooths take root. Luckily, the Mommas of all the World’s regions will find and adopt the bastard pup into their ranks – This being the most important Birthrights of the Junk-Tooth Kith.



“I’m telling you, boy, I mean, if you took the time enough to bother to stuff a collapsible shoulder-launch RPG up somebody’s bunghole, don’t you think you’d fire it?” – Fritz Tremor in Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball


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