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Quoth the Bhuta Vahana Yanta:

“You wish to escape Death. All men do. Yet to escape thusly would prove a grave disservice to you, and to your future incarnations. Reconsider this before I am forced to intervene.”

Kith Excerpt:

Ancient Vedic texts speak of King Ajatasatru of Magadha who was tasked with guarding the Physical remains of the Buddha himself. He realized that neither mortal man nor supernatural creature could hope to administer such a celestial charge. The Bhuta Vahana Yanta – or spirit movement machines – were the only entities in creation capable of such a somber undertaking. More than a Tribe of Peri, and far beyond the simple dichotomy of the Asura/Vedic courts – these brass and Chrome keepers of inevitability exist outside of this realities’ limitations. They are one of two Baahar Tribes born of the Perfumed Empire, the other being the Naraka family.

Some outsiders posit that these cosmic guardians were fashioned from the fever dreams of Visvakarman- the Cosmic Deva of Engineering. Others scholars point to Talos and other Greco-Roman automaton (as per the Automatae of Cloud Cuckoo Land). Only the Peri speak with any certainty, however. They posit Bhuta Vahana Yanta are created of clockwork precision and mathematical rubrics. These are the same precision and rubrics that arose when Brahma first dreamed of reality. He dreamed of certain inevitable functions that would dictate universal balance, a balance that this clockwork Janajaati (Kith) enforces.

Some upstart Daitya attempts to slaughter too many innocents and thus unbalance the great wheel- a Bhuta Vahana Yanta gives him the opportunity to slaughter just as many evil souls. Or, the Daitya must keep safe the mortal remains of a Cosmically Good Force such as the Buddha. The Daitya has a choice, but balance must be maintained. These are some of the many missions that will call the Bhuta Vahana Yanta into action. The varied reasons are what dictates who and why each Ariá of the Baahar answers.



“You have to give up! You have to give up!
You have to realize that someday you will die,
Until you know that, you are useless!” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club


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