A Year & A Day: Wandjina

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Wandjina:


Kith Excerpt:

The Wandjina are the mysterious dream-born who led the Aboriginals to Australia. They are the most powerful and mysterious of all the Australian Fae and represent all the blessings that the Ancestor Creator Beings bestowed upon the Outback. They are the equivalent of the Tuatha de Danaan to the Celtic Yuuri (Fae), or the Celestial Bureaucracy to the Shinma. They were guides to the Mokole, the Bunyip, and the original Speakers-In-Dreams among the Mortals. According to the Sun-Downers, what the Yuuri are to the mortals, the Wandjina are to the Yuuri.

With the world changing however, the Wandjina have taken a step back. They know that it isn’t their time anymore, and that mortals and Changelings alike must make their own paths. They have seen the death of the Bunyip, and they mourned. They see the Mokole preparing for the next cycle, and they understand. This is the way of the Wandjina.

Some few look to the Wandjina and wonder about the mysterious denizens called Narguns, a term understood by outsiders to be synonymous with Adhene. Are the Wandjina then, some kind of True Yuuri, a long-lived Family from the deepest recesses of the Dreaming? No answer can be forthcoming, especially from creatures as quiet as the Wandjina. When other Australian Kiths are asked, the answer is just as fleeting.



“May the fire be in our whole being –
In our legs and in our feet,
Enable us to walk the earth
With reverence and care;
So that we may walk in the ways of goodness and truth
And be protected from walking away from what is truth.” – Attributed to Burnum Burnum


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