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Quoth the Rokorokubi:

“Ooh… What’s that you got there? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody… Let me see.”

Kith Excerpt:

Some posit that this all Female- Shinma is a curse Heaven placed on a gossiping house-wife. Their eyes grew too dark from peering into places they shouldn’t peer. Their ears waggled and fluttered from struggling to hear hushed secrets they weren’t privy too. Their fingers stretched long and twig-like from trying to clutch at whisps and fragments of other’s private thoughts. Her tongue overextended into a floppy wet mess from her over-sharing of rumors and nasty secrets. Her neck… oh her neck… it twisted and contorted into a thin brittle thread from her peering into high windows and around corners, hoping to catch a glimpse of what others were doing.

Of course, most of these posits came from the Rokorokubi who are all too eager to divulge this information, and hopefully gain any additional hearsay that somebody else may have. The Rokorokubi thrive on this exchange of secrets. No stone can be overlooked, there might be something underneath, and no rumor can go unexplored- there might be a secret hidden within.

While this might get them into trouble, (especially in their Tsieh-Kuh years) this Shinma can use this insatiable curiosity to serve the greater good. As either Journalists, researchers, detectives, or even spies, Rokorokubi pursue the truth with an intensity few others can hope to match. If a little the skull-duggery and under-handedness accompanies this search for truth… so much the better, yes?



“Common politeness required that I find out; so did extreme nosiness.”
― JoAnna Carl, The Chocolate Mouse Trap

“If you do not enter the tiger’s cave, you will not catch its cub.” – Japanese Proverb


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