A Year & A Day: Zashiki Warishi

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Zashiki Warishi:

*None*, just a feeling of being watched…

Kith Excerpt:

Traditionally it was said that if you buried a golden ball under the floorboards that it would summon a Zashiki Warishi. Truth tell, how would anyone notice? One of the numerous little Goddesses of Domesticity, the Zashiki Warishi are perhaps the most prolific of the Gasin Hsien families, though it is hard to tell. Invisible when in their chosen house and nigh imperceptible when outside it, hundreds of Japanese households contain them but only a handful know of it.

Though there are handful of males, the overwhelming majority of their number are little girls. All, however, are young, rarely over 14 years of age. This Hsien-Tsu seeming is also permanent, for as long as they remain with a household, they will never grow old or gray. Watching behind the scenes, they become unofficial members of their Household’s family. Like clever little poltergeists, they play and work unnoticed. It is strange that so many households don’t realize the spirit in their midst, but mortals only see what they want to see.



“Not seeing is a flower.”
-Japanese Kotowaza (Proverb)


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