A Year & A Day: Metminwi

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Mètminwi:

“It’s like him say on the movie what came here — ‘Good. Bad. I the guy what has the gunny-sack…'”

Kith Excerpt:

Haiti has stories of an underground force called the Tonton Macoute, or “Uncle Gunnysack.” This secret cabal would work for the government, and under cover of nightfall ensure the disappearance of undesirables. These stories are whispered around the whole of the Fiefs, amongst Jumbee (Kith) and Quashie (Mortals) alike, bringing with them nightmares.

There is one Jumbee, however, that fuels these tales, though they precede them by generations. The Mètminwi are the long-legged boogey-men of Haitian legend, that reach in through windows, no matter how far off the ground, and grab naughty children to fill their gunny-sacks. Their name is old French for the “Masters of Midnight,” and these aptly named dark-Fae live up to the nightmares that fuel their evil passions.

Or so it’s told. While they do promote terror (in both appearance and deed) and while they can “disappear” an undesirable, usually at the Fenky-Fenky’s (Sidhe) behest, the Mètminwi are no different than any other Jumbee represented in the Fiefs. No more or less Bandalu (Unseelie), and far from being a Dog-Heart (Thallain), the Mètminwi ply their trade as well as they can under burden of their own misgiven standings as Fiends. Just because they can be shouldn’t mean that they are.



“This whole world is cold and ugly – What we are is low and lovely – I am the most beautiful boogie man
The most beautiful boogie man – Let me be your favorite nightmare – Close your eyes and I’ll be right there…”
– Yasiin Bey, “The Boogie Man Song”


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