A Year & A Day: Poludnica

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Poludnica:

“I see you every day, muscles all hot, body squirming underneath me, I know you want me as much as I want you. Take me home with you.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Poludnica are a strange Plemya (Kith) of Slavic beauties. Though they might also be considered a nigh-incomprehensible something somewhere between Sunshine elementals and a hungry family of Tayno (what others understand as Adhene). A decidedly old Karlik (Fae) those in the old ways had names for them such as Lady-Midday, or Noon-Witches. This was a reference to their solar powers of destruction usually unleashed under the Noon-Sun’s glaring light. But even those wise in the old ways were taken aback by the seemingly sweet Poludnica.

Their material existence in this realm is predicated upon whether they have an open invitation into a home. In the far dreaming realms, they exist as beings of pure sunlight, who peer into the waking world jealously. Under the bright light of day, they can appear and either strike down in jealous wrath (as they were wont to do in the olden times) or be sweet and pleasant enough for invitation to dinner. This is the beginning of their mock chrysalis, and their Apollaie Aria. From this point on, they have bodies to play with, friends and family and lovers to entertain them, and a whole world full of Zhivost’ (Glamour) to fuel their magicks.

However, it can never last, and the Poor Poludnica will inevitably experience all the pains of life, sliding through each of her Aria, and eventually abandoning her mortal relations altogether (often violently) only to return back to the deep dreaming, existing only as sunlight once again.



“Russian Russian Russian Girls, my baby – Give me, give me all your love
Russian Russian Russian girls, You take my soul…”
– Sasha Dith, Russian Girls


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