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Quoth the Kalavinka:

“The Lord Krishna married 16, 000 something girls. I think that I can easily have relations with just as many. What are you doing Friday night, my dear?”

Kith Excerpt:

There are numerous stories of the Kalavinka. They were beautiful bird-men with clear voices that rang out through the Buddhist heavens; decreeing the dharma to all who would receive it. Even as far East as China, these half-bird half human Peri (Fae) were welcomed for their beauty and grace. The truth of the matter is somewhere in-between. The Kalavinka are indeed beautiful bird men, but the decrees are more selfish than dharmic.

Kalavinka are a Janajaati (Kith) of Mayura, Peacocks Fae, blessed by the Cosmos with ungodly beauty. This all-male tribe, as the females are the Kalavinki- or Mayuri peahens, is maddeningly attractive enough to make the Celtic Sidhe families jealous. Their beauty, however, hides a callous demeanor and murderous jealousy that serves their fellow Asura (Unseelie).

The Kalavinka serve as the face and voice of the Asura courts. The Grand conclaves held between the Vedic and Asura Janajaati have the Kalavinka representing all the desires and strictures that their courts espouse. Promoting grace, tact, and decorum (unless the other party is prettier- see frailty below) the Kalavinka do in fact lend themselves to smooth relations between the two courts. This effectiveness, coupled with their appearance confuses onlookers. “How can anyone so beautiful be bad?”

“You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.”
The Picture of Dorian Gray ― Oscar Wilde

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Don’t hate me because I’m the best.
Don’t hate me because I’m the champion. Just love me like all the rest do.”
– Nerf Herder, “Don’t Hate Me (Because I’m Beautiful)”



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