A Year & A Day: Les Margotine

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Quoth Les Margotine:

“Bonjour mes Amis, it is a beautiful night, Non? Perhaps we can save our harsh words for tomorrow, when we are better rested. For now, let us partake of some refreshments and music.”

Kith Excerpt:

Kitten Princesses of faraway kingdoms, Les Margotine are the aristocracy of Cait-Sith and Neustrian society. While the Grimalkin of the Cats may well boast the crowns, or Duphon for France, the Les Margotine are undoubtedly the most royal in both appearance and practice. They are honorable, dignified, and beautiful in a way unmatched by few others.. They are the truest representatives of France’s grandiose monarchical history, and all that a cat can offer. While not quite Marcra, they are down to a one of them Ben Socio (Seelie) with never a consideration of anything else.

While they may possess royal and rich heritages, they share their story with coy humility. They can cite the Fairy Tale Salons of Charles Perrault as well as the historical accounts of Charlemagne with equally canonical origins. Many a scholarly French Kith can even verify these claims. The Margotine especially rejoice tales of courtly intrigues in the Sun-dappled halls of Louis the XIV, the Sun King.

Despite such well-deserved pomp, Les Margotine are a kind-hearted and genteel Fabian (kith), far removed from skull-duggery and back-handedness that is so prevalent amongst the Cait-Sith Tribes, or even many Lutin (Kith).

“Beauty in a woman is a treasure rare, Which we are never weary of admiring;
But a sweet temper is a gift more fair, And better worth the youthful maid’s desiring.”
– Charles Perrault, Cendrillon and the Glass Slipper: The Classic French ‘Cinderella’ Fairytale


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