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Quoth the Zburător:

“Excuse miss, I understand you are representing the opposing team, and I respect the anger towards our- I mean my, armies. Could we perhaps talk about it over a drink? You pick the place of course…”

Kith Excerpt:

It is easy to point at the Zburător of Romanian antiquity and scream ‘dragon.’ Their large batwings, long flaming tail, and deep growling voice; all are signs of their draconic heritage. Their wolfish heads may throw some off, but when an outsider sees emblems of the Vântoase (Fae) leering on war banners and battle-standards, there is no question of who and what is being gawked at. Yet to simply call a Zburător a dragon is to dismiss them.

The Zburătors are an old family, perhaps older and more dangerous than any other Transylvanian Vâlvă (Kith). They are usually male (but not always) and the old stories pain them as more incubus than anything. With their ability to shape-shift, Incubus is a more appropriate designation than others. It must be stressed that they probably share some Infernal ties, though this doesn’t make them Baubau (Thallain) by any means. Though calling them Sanziene (Seelie) might be a bit of a stretch.

In those old stories, they would lure young virgin brides away from their marriage bed. The modern tales have much the same endings. The Zburător are notorious flirts, damn near the devils that everyone thinks of them. Regardless of the good they do for their Fae communities, and how often they save the day, waylaying certain battle with disarming smiles, their Iarnă (Unseelie) nature will eventually win out and their carnal hunger will take over.



“You haven’t been bit, until a Dragon does it.”
– Tamora Pierce, Emperor Mage


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