A Year & A Day: Sudenicy

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Sudenicy:

“And on her 18th birthday she will embark on a great adventure and meet her true love, but not before having her heartbroken by a dark prince disguised as a shining knight.”

Kith Excerpt:

With one hand holding the strings of each person’s fate, and the other on the spinning wheel of Destiny, the Sudenicy are much more than the Fairy Godmothers of legend. The Sudenicy are veritable Goddesses of Fate, akin to the Norns of the North and the Moirae Adhene to the West. This Aeons-Old Krew (Kith) are one of the most powerful in the Kingdom of Beautiful Amber, as well as one of the most feared- and for good reason.

Their insight into the beyond is without peer, and their judgements are always sound and well-received (though not without some dread). It is small wonder that they also serve their Kingdom as keepers of the law, though many refuse to hold any titles.

Always female, and always gathered in groups of three, they are also known as Sudzenici, the Sudice, the Narucnici, and dozens of others. Their name all stems from the same concept – “They Who Judge.” As judges, they serve as their Kingdom’s Stewards of the Law, if not the Queens. Be it Srogi, Sheka, Fae, mortal or otherwise, if it interferes with the Magical worlds or something these queens hold dear, then it is under their jurisdiction.



“Who doesn’t respect and value his past, is not worth the honour of the present, and has no right to a future.”
― Józef Piłsudski


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