A Year & A Day: Swag-Demon

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

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Quoth the Swag-Demon:

“It’s Lit, Scro, no sweat- I’m Goalz!”

Kith Excerpt:

To receive the maddening dictates of high Fashion, or to be a true part of haute couture’s ever-changing paradigm requires an invitation to a party that few are aware of, and even fewer are privileged enough to pursue. Only the jettiest of the set can enter these realms without blanching at their own lack of high-culture. It takes taste, foresight, and a staggering amount of hubris. In a word? Swag. Thus the origin of the Swag-Demons is one born of a strange necessity. They are born of the Common mortal’s desire to be all the things that the common man could never be.

The Swag-Demons wield a special power among Changeling courts. They decide what’s popular and what’s not, as well as How long these new rules of faddish engagements are implemented. Their very presence among other Fae can render something once thought essential as blasé at best, puerile and gauche at worst. Even worst, those unfortunate few that once chose such essentials could be labeled as pariahs.

While not necessarily infernal as the Demon half of their epitaph infers, others who wish to keep abreast of the dizzying lifestyles of the Swag-Demons may yet still feel as if they have entered the demesne of Devils. Some may call this affixation on popular culture banal, yet the ever-changing and morphing nature of such vogue concepts ensures an eternal stream of Glamour for those who can wield its fickle power.



“Slap game Julio Franco, chuck Norris, Texas Ranger/ Ice on my finger; look like I slap-boxed a penguin.”
– Riff Raff


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