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Quoth the Paasselkä:

“Hey! Hey! You over there! It’s going to storm pretty soon, I’d back that boat back up to dock if I was you. To be careful and stuff. I wouldn’t want you to get struck by lightning, hey?”

Kith Excerpt:

Roughly 231 million years ago, give or take a decade, a giant meteor crashed down into the middle of what would one day become Finland. A crater formed there, and eventually a lake. The meteor had strange magnetic properties which affected both the Crater Lake and the land around it. Over the aeons and millennia since, all manner of oddness sprung up around the region. There have been Flying Saucers, ghosts, witches- and one particularly maddening Väki (Kith).

The Paasselän Pirut, Finnish for Paasselkä Devils – also simply called the Paasselkä (after the lake), are will-o-the-wisp-esque harbingers of the Lake’s aeons-old cosmic magic. For as long as there have been mortals around the lake- stories have been told and retold about these Hiidet (Fae). They have been spiritual peace-makers of two warring tribes, ghost fishermen, random manifestions of piezo-electricity, and of course “ALIENS.” The Paasselkä laugh at each and every one of these stories- with each origin as credible or doubtful as the next.

And despite the proper name Paasselän Pirut the Paasselkä are one hundred percent Keiju (Seelie). They guide fishermen back to shore, scare away any ill-meaning monsters around the lake, and help children catch crawdads. They do so in their own style, however, and many a visitor to the lake, mortal or otherwise, may misinterpret the Paasselkä’s mischievous nature.



“Aatelles ei mää aika hukkaa.”
(“You won’t waste time by thinking.”)
– Finnish Proverb.


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