A Year and A Day: Tokoloshe

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

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Quoth the Tokoloshe:

“Do you want to dance, bokkie? No you don’t. You don’t want to dance with a boef like me. Don’t you know I’m dangerous?”

Kith Excerpt:

Of course modern scientists have an explanation. They say it’s low-lying carbon monoxide on the floor. That’s why you need to lift your bed with bricks, hey? The Zulu know better. It’s the Tokoloshe, one of the nastiest families of Orisha-Awo (Thallain) that the whole of the Kingdom of Ancient Stories has to offer. They are irredeemable monsters that kill without impunity, and despite their ancient pedigree, spend their time frolicking in the Gutter. One of the oldest and most primordial Family of Akuko (Kith) in the Realm of Seasons, if not the world, they rarely strive to hold a place in Fae society. In fact, they rarely strive for anything save to cause as much damage as possible.

Out of all the Emere (Changeling) the Tokoloshe are the only tribe that truly has no place. Even the much-hated Gnolls have something of a voice. But the Tokoloshe would rather bite the lips off a diplomat than engage in diatribe. Even Africa’s own Shadow Court, the Iku-Abeokuta, steer clear of any attempts at negotiations. The Tokoloshe are monsters in the eyes of everyone – even themselves.

However, it must be stressed that the Tokoloshe fear magic, They are especially afraid of the Nyanga – traditional Witch-Doctors, or modern priests of the Jesus-Christ. In fact, any Adahunse (magician) worth his salt can not only drive the Tokoloshe away with a hard stare, but can command them to perform tasks. The Tokoloshe, unsurprisingly, save most of their hatred for the things that scare them most. And lest you think them weak or pushovers- A Magician can be scary, but a well-placed bullet can take down anyone. The Tokoloshe aren’t stupid, they’re just monsters.



“When I’m all up in this- B*****, you know who the f*** it is, Roll through the club like a Tokoloshe;
Sign my name on your boob, f*** a piece of paper.”
– Die Antwoord, “Evil Boy”

“Make your bed up high – Pray into the sky – Close the window close the door – Makes no difference if you’re rich or poor.”
– John Kongos, “Tokoloshe Man”


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