A Year and A Day: Gancanagh

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Gancanagh:

“Oi, open the window yeah? Tis’ me, my love. Be quiet wench, or you’ll wake your damned parents. Run away with me, tonight. We’ll escape from it all and I’ll love you for a thousand years and a day, this I swear on my hot-beating heart. Let’s GO you stupid sow!”

Kith Excerpt:

One of the three Hibernian Adhene of Death, the Gancanagh represents the worst death of all, the death of Heart-break. The most hated of all Hibernian or Concordian Fae, perhaps more hated than any Enitity in the Dreaming, the “Love-Talkers” were long thought to be merely a Tribe of Lost Ones (see Nobles: the Shining Host page 89). Yet the truth is far worse. They are around, and their numbers are great.

Thankfully, however, the majority of them have been chased out of Hibernia. None, not Thallain, Kithain, or even the other Adhene, will abide their presence. Forced to go underground, they have spread out in the world-at-large, scattered themselves across the globe, like some great army of demon paramours. A few have even weaseled their way back to Hibernia.

Not a year passes that some impressionable young would-be-lover disappears in some small-town. Those in the know simply whisper, “the Gancanagh are back.”



“His eyes were a fire; his words were a snare; I cried my mother’s name, but no help was there;
I made the blessed Sign; then he gave a dreary moan, A wisp of cloud went floating by, and I stood alone.
Running ever through my head, is an old-time rune- “Who meets the Love-Talker must weave her shroud soon.”
My mother’s face is furrowed with the salt tears that fall, But the kind eyes of my father are the saddest sight of all.”
– Ethna Carbery, “The Love-Talker”


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