A Year and A Day: Duergar

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Duergar:

“I’m sorry, are you upset that I stabbed you? Perhaps you should have thought of that before you knocked on my door to sell me some Goddamn cookies! Now give me those Thin-Mints and get the hell off of my property!”

Kith Excerpt:

Somewhere between the Thallain Boggarts the Thallain Goblins lie the Duergar. This Thallain family of nasty little British Dwarfs have inherited the Forms and Functions of the Nibelung Forbears. Yet while the Viking Nibelung were born of an enchanted ingenuity coupled with a nasty attitude, the Duergar evolved into a mocking portrait of the Proper English hands-on Determination mixed with an offensive outlook towards pretty much everything.

Crafty to a one of them, The Duergar are weapon makers, trap-setters, and magical mechanical engineers without peer. Even that aforementioned Thallain family of Goblins would be hard pressed to stay abreast of the Duergar’s many motorized malovelance mechanisms. But few Goblins would deign to do so, as Duergar suffer no one near their shops.

Of course there are stories of Duergar who found friendship, acceptance, or even love with Other Changeling. Sometimes it’s a lovable Pooka who won his heart. Sometimes it’s a Sidhe princess who taught him how to care. Most of these stories were told by Duergar’s to amuse themselves while laughing at the naiveté of those other Changeling Plebes.



“There will always be a few people who just want to knock you down or are jealous or just want to be horrible for the sake of it. I don’t know what drives someone to be nasty.” – Geri Halliwell


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