A Year and A Day: Oni

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Character Creation Guide Download: Oni.pdf

Quoth the Oni:

“Oh-HO! What have we here? An unfaithful little booger attempting to use my path without paying the toll? The toll-price is flesh you pitiful… What? Yes I’m an Oni. No I won’t sign your tattoo…” *sigh*

Kith Excerpt:

Nasty, brutish, and surprisingly butt-hurt about their modern popularity, the Oni are perhaps the most celebrated (much to their chagrin) of the Bakemono Shinma Families. This tribe of Trollish Fae is famously represented in video-games, tattoos, and pop-culture references the whole world round. And what do the terrible Oni have to say about it? Nothing nice, of course.

The Oni are curmudgeons in every sense of the word. Despite their omnipresent pop-iconic status, they wish only to remain behind the scenes; eking out their monstrous lives like they did in centuries past. It’s hard to maintain status as a demon when every Tom, Dick and Ling Ling bear your likeness on their forearm underneath a Hello-kitty tattoo. And so they complain, and skulk, and scare their mortal constituents the way they have for generations.

Luckily, there are still ancient mountain passes and the like untouched by the modern world. These time-forgotten pathways, or lost forgotten shrines squirreled away in the darkest of forests serve as the Oni’s bases of operation. Those mortals still knowledgeable of the old ways can still quake in impotent horror at the mighty bellows of the Onis. So the Oni are happy. At least for a while.



“Fall to my fists!” – Oni in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition: (Gouken Ultra activation)


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