A Year and A Day: Adlet

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Quoth the Adlet:

“I don’t care who you think you are, you’re in my territory now. It’s cold, and I’m friends with a Wendigo… let’s see how fast you are when you’re being chased by him!’

Kith Excerpt:

The Adlet are looked down upon by the other Nunnehi, and even most Wapsu (Nunnehi/Thallain). They are the bastard children of dogs and men. Some particularly xenophobic Nunnehi even claim them the progenitor of all white races. Violent and uncouth, the Adlet’s chief claim to fame comes solely from their ability to cause turmoil. They are one of the most hated families of Wapsu, and the Adlet are proud of it.

Long ago they served as a renegade Family of Native Fae, Warring with the other Northern Nunnehi families, and the Pure-Lands Garou both. But with the advancement of time and the Inuit culture, their cold world fell apart. Their battles, which many of their number still adhere to, are pathetic attempts to gain glory, That great Werewolf Tribe of Wendigo, has all but forgotten the little dog-heads (especially with the Wendigo’s own ever-important wars). The Adlet are saddened by this, as gaining the approval of a Wendigo, any Wendigo is a sure-fire to win some respect. Yet it should be noted that while the Adlet Gundohgi (Nunnehi Family) may vehemently admire the Wendigo tribe, they fear the Wechuge Gundohgi that the Werewolf tribe derives its name.

While the Adlet have tried to wage war on the European Kithain, their frailty prevents them from making too much headway. All Adlets have a crippling fear of fire. This stifles too much destruction, and many of the Family stay far away from any settlement at all to avoid coming to close to open flame. While none can truly know what the future holds for this Family, (especially the Adlet, who don’t bother planning much), it can be assumed that they will survive. They are a hearty family, and if the failures of their past hasn’t hindered them yet, further failures probably won’t either.



“I don’t give a damn ‘Bout my reputation. I’ve never been afraid of any deviation. An’ I don’t really care
If ya think I’m strange – I ain’t gonna change.”
– Joan Jett, “Bad Reputation”


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