A Year and A Day: Fe’e

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Fee.pdf

Quoth the Fe’e:

“Halt! Who travels here without my permission? Be prepared to defend yourself… This? It’s a doll’s head. Look, you can brush the hair. It’s really neat. I’ve got 23 of them. Do you want to see?”

Kith Excerpt:

The FE’E are a militant force elite deep beneath the waves, with a domain covering the whole of Oceania and beyond. Half-cephalopod, half well-formed Fae, and all-warrior, Their Kadugo (Kith) is named for their Father-God. This Samoan war-deity manifested as a storm -controlling octopus with tentacles well over 75 feet and a beak that could eat a shark whole. As protective as this God was of his mortal flock, his Huringa (Changeling) children are twice as resolute in the same. Serious, if not dour, each of their number, both Male and Female hold themselves to the ideals that their Father espoused – or their semblance of it any rate. They diligently protect the Islands of Samoa, but also patrol the whole of Oceania meeting threats head on with a strength nigh unto zealotry. Distinct code-of-honors, rugged survivalism, an undauntable do-or-die stoicism that can’t be broken- the Fe’e are the Huringa’s best hope for maintaining its borders against evil.

Yet to focus on only their militancy would be doing them a disservice. The Fe’e have a soft spot for a particular treasure. Just what kind of treasure exactly can’t be quantified. Some prefer surface-items of nebulous utility. “What exactly is a shore-horn used for?” Some may prefer cutlery- “Forks are like tiny- Poseidon’s Tridents.” Others may pursue doll’s heads, or scented candles (still smelling good under the sea) or any number of items, and they need not be all like items. Sometimes they may be actual treasure-jewels and Spanish doubloons from some long-drowned pirate-ship.

Very rarely they are Treasures (as in Capitol-T background). No matter the form such treasures take, they are a surefire way to garner the Fe’e’s good graces.



“I’d like to be
Under the sea
In an octopus’ garden
In the shade
He’d let us in
Knows where we’ve been
In his octopus’ garden
In the shade.”
– The Beatles, “Octopus’ Garden”


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