A Year and A Day: Dame De Cerf Blanche

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth Le Dame De Cerf Blanche:

“No, No, Please. Tell me the joke about the girl with a nice rack again. I thought it so clever when I first heard it when I was just a girl. Have you heard the one about the magic Doe who trampled the dipshit misogynist hunter to death? No? Remind me to tell you later. It’s very very funny.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Dames de Cerf Blanche are cursed with paradox. In turn they are perhaps the most companionable and courtly of all the Fabian. They are also the wildest, wandering the wilds in a way that only the harshest of rustic Fae understand. They are beautifully poised and full of stately grace, but also maddeningly reckless and hard to catch when tearing through the French countryside.

You see, the Dames de Cerf Blanche- the White Deer Ladies, are deer-changers meant to exist in both worlds. That of the wild’s harmony, and that of the court’s polishes. They are on par with any Pooka in terms of animal abandon but relish the subtle intrigues to astound the stuffiest of Sidhe politickers. They are loved by all, with a long list of friends, family, and former paramours the envy of any Sidhe romantic; yet they will also be coldly murdered.

Due to a curse, a Geasa, or simply because every French story that tells of them, tells of it happening… the Dames will be slaughtered by a loved one. Be it a sweet-heart out hunting who espies a white-hart, a brother’s mis-shot arrow, or even a former flame jealous of the Dames attention. The Dame will die, and there is nothing that anyone can do. This doesn’t slow the Beauteous Dames de Cerf Blanche however. They still live both their lives as well as they are able and provide a service to all Fabian as perhaps the most beloved of the many French Fee’ Queens.



“The Ones who are going into the woods are mother and daughter. The mother is singing and the daughter sighs.
‘Why are you sighing, my daughter?’
‘I have great anger in me and I hardly dare tell you. I am a girl by day and a white doe by night. The hunters are after me the barons and the princes, and my brother Renaud, he is even worse.’ “
– Pierre Dubois, “The Great Encyclopedia of Fairies”


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