A Year and A Day: Leng Spider

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Leng-Spider:


Kith Excerpt:

The Spiders of Leng were the original inhabitants of that far-away Outer- Dream-Land Realm. In the Shadows they spun great webs that bridged the Gaps between worlds. On a whim they could construct massive extra-dimensional doorways that opened the Gates of the Silver Key. That is, until the arrival of the displaced Leng-Folk, who in turn displaced the Spiders of Leng. While capable adversaries and brilliant tacticians, the Spiders lost this first battle with these cosmic interlopers. They were forced to run to the shadowy placed under Leng to better plan their next combat.

While their appearance is much like the Spiders of the Waking World, this purple carapaced Mythian Tribe is far-removed from its Earthly arachnid equivalents. Easily the size of Earth ponies, these beasts drape themselves in the trappings of mortals when dealing with others. The bejeweled and glittering violet chitin gives way to a silent sexlessness and graceful demeanor to better serve their discreet needs.

Androgynous and alluring, the quiet and taciturn Leng-Spiders spin quiet webs in the shadow, in hopes of still uniting the Dream-Lands, the Waking World, and other far-reaches of existence. Those that slow this progress are eaten. And while few desire eating mortals, Half-Blooded or otherwise (they much prefer cannibalization of their own) they will stoop to eating baser creatures who get in the way of their cosmic plans.



“There were scenes of old wars, wherein Leng’s almost-humans
fought with the bloated purple spiders of the neighbouring vales.”
~ H.P.L., “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath”


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