A Year and A Day: Neiterkob

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Neiterkob:

“Of course, you could do it your way. But I’d like to try a little something called ‘the right way.’ Watch and see what happens.”

Kith Excerpt:

Somewhere between the Gods, the Angels and the Old Fae, are the Neiterkob. Ancient Geniuses of the Maasai peoples, each of these brilliant guardian entities wields a special insight to better serve the mortal spectrum. They were tasked by the supreme deity Engai in instructing the new humans of earth and have done so with great skill over the millennia. They have tried their best. It’s not their fault if the modern humans won’t listen.

Every individual Neiterkob has a commitment to a mortal, or group of mortals – be it a single child, a family, or even a whole village. The Neiterkob acts as the caretaker, and if anything should befall that person/s, then the supreme deity Engai will ensure the Neiterkob shares that fate.

While the majority of the Neiterkob still frequent Kenya and Tanzania, the Neiterkob aren’t restricted by the boundaries set forth by upstart cartographers. They travel across the breadth of the world, and every corner of the Land of Ancient Stories has seen one of these Emere. Almost as widespread as the Eshu, the Neiterkob enjoy such exploration as means to teach themselves about the world, and by extension, all those humans under their care.

At the remotest antiquity there was one man resident on Oldoinio eibor (white mountain) who was superior to any human being, and whom the Engai (heaven, supreme being, god) had placed on the mountain. — Ludwig Krapf, 1854



“An empty pot makes the loudest noise.”
– Kenyan Proverb


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