A Year and A Day: Locolico

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Quoth the Loçolico:

“Well, it looks like another bitch Karen is about to born into this world. Make sure you eat plenty of fish, so maybe you can choke on the bones… Don’t worry, the baby will be fine. As long as there’s another mother to raise it.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Loçolico are a monstrous and Iarnă Vâlvă (Unseelie Kith), primal and underworldly. All male, they can control and manipulate the fates of those who displease them. Specifically targeting those who have wronged them, up to and including cursing the not yet born infants and their mothers. They are the goblin princes of the Land beyond the Forest, and their story is a dark one.

The Loçolico are the remnants of an Old Romani story, in which the unnamed lord of the Loçolico undertook a sacred pact to end a war with Ana the Queen of the Sanziene Vâlvă. What was birthed from their union was all the sickness and disease that plagues the world. Distraught and disgusted with what they created, both the King and Queen created a new pact for the Romani Vâlvă, in which the sons of the Loçolico and daughters of Ana and would be married instead, and their children needn’t carry the curse of all the world’s ills.

All the world’s evils, springing from their Demon King Father and Ana Queen Mother of the Keshayli, are blood-relations to the Loçolico, and nothing will change that. It is the great disappointment of the poor princes that they are forever expected to live up to such blood-ties, and they work tirelessly in hopes of living up to those relationships.



“The people come from everywhere, from five hundred miles, to find their fortunes. By fortune is an ugly, two-faced goddess. When you have lived with her handiwork for half a generation, you hardly notice anymore. You forget that this is not the way life has to be. You cease to marvel at just how much evil man can conjure by existing.”
― Glen Cook, “Water Sleeps”


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