A Year and A Day: Paapiru

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Pääpiru:

“Of course I’m the villain in your story, look at my dashing good looks, hear my rapier wit, and gasp at my utter disregard of court customs. Now, wouldn’t you like to go home with your villain tonight? I promise it will be worth your while.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Lempo was a strange spirit in the Kalevala- the Finnish National Epic. He was a trickster spirt of fertility, the wild, and sometimes the ever-capricious idea that is love. He was also a devil- not a demon mind, but a devil. It got worse after the new Church arrived and he was equated with the Lightbringer of Judeo-Christian mythology, but so it goes. Now, despite the new stigma attached to his name, his (or hers, with Lempo it’s hard to tell) legacy of the capricious nature of the wilds and fertility and love carried on.

There is one Väki (Kith) that is the spiritual successors of the Lempo legacy, the Pääpiru. Now depicted as nasty manifestations of natural uncontrollable lust and wild abandon, this happy-go-lucky Tribe revel in their own ill-seated reputation. If Piru is a rough equivalent of the keltoi Unseelie, then the nom-de-guerre of this Väki should be indication of how they fare. Pääpiru means “main-Devil, and their goings-on are no small testament to that title.

There is little that they cannot do for the whole of the Hiidet (Changelings). They are free from the any social mores that would hinder their roles. With the freedom of their own existence, they can go anywhere, say anything, and do anyone that their hearts require they must. Though they are not evil by any stretch of the word, they are all to a one of them, cads, cards, rakes, rogues, scalawags and the best rascals that the Kingdom of Magicians has to offer. If the modern world’s interpretation thinks them anything Infernal, well than that’s the modern world’s fault, now isn’t it?



“Shades of existence can’t quench my thirst, my burning thirst
The Worst pain will never, Ever vanish from this insane world.”
– Noumena, “The End Of The Century”

“Keep knocking on the Devil’s door
He might just get it.
You seek knowledge of the netherworld
You should forget it.
– Gorgeous Frankenstein, “Made In Hell”


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