A Year and A Day: Nuno

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Nuno:

“Hey! Hey you! Did you see where you just stepped? You better come back here and apologize or else…”

Kith Excerpt:

“Tabi-tabi po!” goes the cry, a request for the little lords of the Mound to grant safe passage across their little mounds of dirt. In the Philippines, mortals are well aware of the fate what befalls the rude. Chinese and Spanish, Islamic and Americans exploring that world learned the hard way. Many Fae scholars postulate that the Filipino Dreaming felt small with so many other Cultures invading, and that the Nunos are manifestations of the Filipino dreams of feeling small in the face of such adversity…

The Nunos, also called Dayamdam or Kahoynon, disagree. The size has nothing to do with it. They know that their real purpose lies in punishing the disrespectful, not some academic’s interpretation of their size. Size has nothing to do with it.

Staunch guardians of tradition, as well as strict enforcers of protocol, the Nunos harbor vehemently unbending observances of mortal and Fae conventions. To some of the more liberal minded fae (Kapre and Santelmo) the Nunos are so many sticks in the mud and/or up the ass. The Nunos, far from such myopic and trivial slants against them, understand that all, outsiders included, must abide by a code. “The world is a harsh one, especially for the small, keep it strong and overcome.” Small in this case might mean either the Nunos themselves, or the oppressed people who dream of them. Due to so many outside Religious incursions into Filipino culture, it is small wonder (no pun intended) that the Dreaming mirrors such reverent rigidity in the form of Nunos.



“Ang epekto: hirap na hirap tayong unawain kung sino ba talga ang tunay na tayo. Para malaman ang ating tunay na pagka-Pilipino, ang daming kailangang hukayin at tanggalin sa ating isipan at gawi. Para kang nagbabalat ng sibuyas. AT habang nagbabalat, hindi mo maiwasang maiyak dahil maraming masasakit na pagbabago ang kailangang gawin.”

“To find out our true Filipino identity, we need to dig up and get rid of our minds and practices. For you to spread the onion. AND while spreading, you will not be able to get rid of it because many painful changes need to be made.”
– Rei Lemuel Crizaldo Ronald Molmisa


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