A Year and A Day: Gingerbred

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Gingerbred:

“Run, Run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’ll smoke your slow-ass…”

Kith Excerpt:

Much like the Sugar-Plum Fairies, the sweet-scented Kith of Gingerbred (a Pun they secretly relish) may have origins in the Land of Candy that borders Christmas Town. Some posit that they are a family created, nee’ baked, by some unseen hands in that strange country. Like the Mannikins and the Krofted Inanimae, The Mannikins were formed not born. Yet the difference lies in that the Gingerbred were formed by an unseen shaper who enabled them to undergo a strange unknown variant of the Changeling chrysalis. That, and the Gingerbred don’t claim Inanimae status.

In a strange hybridization of mortal, Fae, and all-spice, the Spicy scented Kith gained a purpose the same as any other Kith and were free of the strictures that bound their slow-bound Inanimae cousins. Whispers of the Muffin-Man abound, but none, not even the Ginger Bred themselves, can offer any insight. All they know is that they are free to run as fast and as far as their candy hearts can carry them.

What can be said for certain, is that the Gingerbred spontaneously come to existence with power of Christmas Magic. Whenever the smell of freshly baked goods is in the air, or a cookie is decorated just too good to eat, a new Gingerbred Chrysalis may spontaneously arise. This happens often in Christmas Town, but Ginger Bred born outside the city limits (even as far South as Mexico has had their fair share of the Kith) will invariably find their way home. Like a baby sea-turtle instinctually finding their way to the water, the Fresh-from Chrysalis Childing will find his way to the Christmas Magic. Like the proverbial titular character who ran far far away from the oven, the Kith are a hyper-active Tribe of confectionary creatures hell-bent on speeding home just as soon as they can.



“What is speed without direction? What is direction without purpose?”
― Paul Bamikole


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