A Year and A Day: Jokul-Frosti

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Jokul-Frosti:

“Het is altijd warm in mijn koude hart, kom met me spelen, schat -It is always warm in my cold heart, come play with me, my dear.”

Kith Excerpt:

Mischievous creatures what wield ultimate control over icy wind & water, The Jokul Frosti are an ancient conceit understood in modern context. Their name means ice-berg but may also translate into a more common epithet JACK FROST. Whether there is one King of their number called such, or all of their number answer to it is up for debate. But regardless, their name is whispered in Christmas Town, lest one of their own overhears it.

Once upon a time, their kind was requested by the Yule-sidhe and other powers to serve as mighty allies. Their powers over storm could have been a great asset to Christmas Town and its residents. However, constant play, and reckless heed for the safety of others proved them more of a liability than supporters. They were swiftly dismissed as a bi-polar (pun intended)and could be counted on for nothing but unsound frivolity. The Yule-Sidhe instead left the maddening Jokul-Frosti to their own devices.

This suited the Jokul Frosti just fine. They had no interest in becoming useful members of Christmas-Town. There were more opportunities for fun to be had elsewhere….like in the icy shadowy forests around the town, in the cold dark alley-ways of the city itself, and other fun places to play. And that is where you will find them today. But not just in Christmas Town anymore, their numbers have spread across the cold places and times of the Dreaming.



“I never wanna know a day – That’s over 40 degrees… I’d rather have it 30, 20 then 5 – Let It Freeze!”
– Rankin Bass, 1974, “The Year Without A Santa Claus”


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