A Year and A Day: Aycayia

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

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Quoth the Aycayia:

“Ola, mi amore, come play in the water with me. I’m awfully hot and wet out here, and don’t want to be alone…”

Kith Excerpt:

From the sandy shores of Puerto Rican beaches, and throughout the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean seas, the Aycayia frolic, chase, and love everything and everyone that catches their eye. An old-world Kith not that far removed from the indigenous Nunnehi populations, these aquatic Jumbee are one of the most sensuously dangerous of all the Fae. Not quite the merfolk, though they do have a piscine aspect, and not quite a siren, though they can magically seduce their would-be paramours, the Aycayia are manifestations of the lustful sin that affects all mortals, and the joy that comes along with it.

They are predominantly Female, though a handful of males, and a handful of in-betweens have come from their numbers. And they each hold a special place amongst the Jumbee. While there is no shortage of sensual attractive seducer types in the Fiefs of Bright Paradise – the Fenky Fenky, Ciguapa, Merfolk, and Eshu-Queens, among others. Yet the Aycayia hold a special place amongst those varied alluring families. The Aycayia’s is a sultry, dirty, siren-call. Their raw striking sensuality is less the grand divine elegance of the Fenky Fenky and Merfolk, or the maddening ravishing of the Ciguapa, but more the base and hungry come-hitherness of a fertility prostitute goddess.



“‘You’re that lady,’ Leo said. ‘The one who was named after Caribbean music.’
Her eyes glinted murderously. ‘Caribbean music.’
‘Yeah. Reggae?’ Leo shook his head. ‘Merengue? Hold on, I’ll get it.’
He snapped his fingers. ‘Calypso!'”
― Rick Riordan, “The House of Hades”


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