A Year and A Day: Boginki

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Boginki:

“Come to us mortal, come dance and swim in our waters, we are Goddesses and are greatly enamored of your face… and we will love you for the rest of your life… which is about 3 minutes or so.”

Kith Excerpt:

There are many Aquatic Fae creatures in the Dreaming, some good, some indifferent, and some evil. The Boginki are the latter. They are an All-Female Krew (Kith) from Poland’s waterways. Their name means little Goddesses, perhaps a testament to the fear mortals have of calling them anything less. They are one of the few Thallain Tribes to hail from the Kingdom and this bloodthirsty aquatic Tribe has been leading mortals to drowning for generations. They are also one of the worst for creating Changelings – in the Traditional sense of trading babies- in the whole of the Dreaming.

As they cannot have any children of their own, the Boginki since time immemorial have been kidnapping fat little babies to raise as their own. Of course, there are also a plethora of demon babies found throughout the land, so it was no hard task to simply pull the old switcheroo. With the cursed dark fate and barrenness of the Boginki’s existence, perhaps they were the best hope of transporting the demon babies…



“Poison the fountain of life – As the world lingers on it
As apathetic attempt to survive – And we are lost
And there is no way back.”
– Sol-Boginki


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