A Year and A Day: Cats With Hats

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Cat-With-A-Hat:

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. A very smart man said that. Now, grab a broom and get to sweeping. All this confetti has to go somewhere.”

Kith Excerpt:

Sometimes a Feline will decide it is something else. For instance, a Mau will decide that it is a priest, a Grimalkin will decide that it is a royalty, and a Cat with a Hat will decide that it is now a Cat who wears a black stovepipe. Born of madness and necessity both, the Kith known as the Cats with Hats (or in the Singular Cat with a Hat) are the Cait-Sith’s answer to the American Dreaming. From the nonsensical trappings of Victorian academic navel-gazing to haberdashery panache’ in an American suburban nightmare, the Kith works chaos and order both in quick succession.

A litter of Cats with Hats has many reserves that the rest of the world’s Cait-Sith could never care to comprehend. While Courtly conspiracy and skull-duggery are the norm, the Cats with Hats hold no small disdain for politicking and regency lobbying. Their urgings are much more personal. And while they can forestall banality with a song as per their birthrights, they are easily burdened by a seemingly insignificant slight from a friend. And of course while they take pride in chaos and all the destruction such brings; they find just as much pleasure in the quiet contentment of cleaning up the mess afterwards.

Perhaps this is why the Kith has arisen, or at least blossomed, in America. The Spirit of inconstancy that the United States wields is too similar to the fickleness and mercuriality of the Cats. Bitter? Perhaps. Unfair? Certainly. But at least they look good in Fedoras, others not so much.



“The cat’s improvisations with the objets trouvés in the home he has invaded are obviously an allegory for his creator’s performance with the two hundred and twenty arbitrary words he has been assigned by his publisher. The cat is a bricoleur. He has no system-or, rather, his system is to have no system. He is compelled to make meaning from whatever is there.” – Louis Menard

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”
– Dr. Seuss, “The Birthday Bird – Happy Birthday to You” 1959


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