A Year and A Day: Veli

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Veli.pdf

Quoth the Veli:

“Oh my, look at all those presents – and what a wonderful cake!”
(Whispered watching a party while hidden high in a tree.)

Kith Excerpt:

Deep in the warm tropical jungles, Veli skulk and creep, watching the Waking World quickly pass by. Taciturn by nature, this Fijian Kadugo interacts with others- be they Huringa or Mortal, only in the direst of circumstances. This may seem a detriment to many Happy-Go-Lucky Fae Folk in the Sea-of-Islands, but the Veli have done simply fine for themselves during the last few thousand years…

Even before their Chrysalis, there are signs of A Veli’s true Whanau. A quiet nature spent watching but happy to participate in the fun coupled with tell-tale signs of coppery hair shining red in direct sunlight- the Veli watching this all unfold (and there are always Veli watching) know that the time is soon. When the change comes, the new Veli is welcomed with open arms.

Though that can quickly change if someone were to catch them by their hair. The red hair of the Veli is Kapu, and if seized, the Veli is sworn into a Geasa for a month of service. Hopefully the captor isn’t too demanding. The Veli may be obligated to help, they certainly won’t go against their own natures. That Captor should also be aware of one key factor- at the end of the Month, the Veli will be free again to do as they will….



“Below a certain point, if you keep too quiet,
people no longer see you as thoughtful or deep;
they simply forget you.”
– Douglas Coupland


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