A Year and A Day: Spunchies

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Quoth the Spunchie:

“Freebird! Freebird! Freebird you big fat Numpty Jobby Fud— FREEBIRD!”

Kith Excerpt:

Pranks, parties, Scrumpy-cider and honeyed, buttered, barmbrack;. There isn’t that much to this infamously Scottish Wicht (Kith). Once upon a time the Spunchies served as kings of the wild places (or so they say, they are notorious liars), but are now pale annoying shadows of their less-than-glory days. Despite this, there is still something to be said about their loyalty to the Bòcain (Fae).

They see all other Wicht as the closest of close cousins. You see, only the Spunchies are allowed to make fun, and they are allowed to make fun of anything or anybody they want. Any attacks on them are met with contempt. However, any attack from outsiders on their fellows is met with pranks of such Machiavellian malevolence that few can see where the bloody prank first originated. The Spunchies simple smirk amid the chaos.

They party, they drink, and they plan how to cause more chaos. While it would be remiss to reduce any Fae to such artless frattish behavior, the Spunchies make it difficult to do otherwise.



“The fox has many tricks. The hedgehog has but one. But that is the best of all.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


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