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Quoth the Trasgu:

“Devil? What? One stupid forked tail, and a couple of horns, and you mortal asshats are chucking a crucifix at my head… Oh well, if the shoe fits…”

Kith Excerpt:

The Trasgu, also known as Cornín, Galtzagorri Gorra Encarnada, Gorretín Coloráu, Trasno, Trastolillu, Trenti, Xuan Dos Camíos, or about a thousand other names, are an old-world Panelinha (Kith), that hasn’t been remembered kindly. Like most of the Encantare (Fae), the Trasgu come from a time before the advent of Christianity. They are a Pagão (Unseelie) family but are far from evil. If adopted into a household, something rarer in this day and age, they can prove benevolent, or even lovable. That is, until someone pisses them off.

They are proto-Goblin kith, a family of sooty-skinned underworld Fae that would eventually evolve into the Celtic Boggans or Nockers. Like those two Kith, they claim strong ties to craftsmanship and house-holding. Unlike their newer Celtic cousins, however, the Trasgu will see everything they know and love burn if it scorns their sensibilities.

This is rarely an issue. Few remember the Trasgu at all, and even fewer remember the old tales of renegade Trasgu and their tempers. As long as they got a roof over their head, and some friends (mortal or otherwise) with open communication, the Trasgu will do just fine.



“I’m not particularly an expert on the genre. Correct me if I’m wrong, but usually you see most of the super-villain in his villainous role. He’s the Green Goblin, or whatever various bad guys in Batman, or something like that. It’s the excessive, larger than life, cartoon-ish, costumed character that is the personification of evil and has to be destroyed.”
– James Frain


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