A Year & A Day: Ra-Men

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Quoth the Ramen:

Indigo-Shift, the apocalypse, the Final-Winter, all just colorful terms for the eventual heat-death of the universe, loveless and cold and lonely and waiting for us all. Here…have some manicotti.

Ra-Men Excerpt

Not all kiths boast origins of Faerie tale splendor or magical Kingdoms far-far away. Some are born from the miasma of the cold indifference of science and the irony of day-to-day existence. The Pasta Pirate loving kith known as Ra-Men is one such kith. They are born of sardonicism and science with equal aplomb. Some claim bitter and broken sluagh as their patron Kithain forbears, while others cite ALIENS.

One of the newest of New Kiths, the Ra-Men are creatures of tongue-in-cheek intellectual snobbery and all that the fun that comes along with it. They constantly re-interpret their own origins based on cosmic teapots on the other side of the sun, or pink unicorns. Most if not all of the Ra-Men have real world connections in the seemingly banal world of science. Most are vocal proponents of atheism, evolution, or even fringe pseudointellectual avenues (ALIENS!). Some espouse marginal doctrines such as the Church of the Sub genius or discordianism. All however, consider themselves Pastafarians and venerate their masticatable master.

The Kith as a whole celebrates the bitter impartialness of the universe, and they revel in its jaded nihilism. Armed with the bleak knowledge that would destroy more jovially naïve kiths, the Ra-Men use said knowledge to enlighten the world in their sardonically atheist splendor. While many how the kith hasn’t been aid low in the same manner as the Dauntain, the Ra-Men just smile and condescendingly pat you on the back with their noodl appendages.



“If you’re a young earth creationist you may be not stupid but just ignorant.
Fortunately ignorance is curable. Try reading a science book.”
– Richard Dawkins


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