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Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Kikkimora:


Just mocking laughter coming from nowhere and everywhere at once…


Kikkimora Excerpt

In the old days, the Kikkimora were welcome (if annoying) additions to any household. At night they would help clean and bake, and during the day they would disappear into their magic and otherworldly space between the walls. The modern Thrice-Tenth-Kingdom, at least some aspects of it, keeps such traditional folk-tropes close to its heart. The lucky Kikkimora, then, has such a means of existence. Yet too many others don’t. Perhaps this is the reason why so many of the Kikkimora are unsufferable little tartlets.

The horrible little Kikkimora, all female, all small, and all piss and vinegar, are a cruel joke played by the Siberian Dreaming. At one time found all across the rural landscape, these angry little pissants of a Plemya now dot “Rodina” in far less numbers than their forbears but are still too many for the Genteel Plemya (especially those long-eared prats in House Varich). The relatively few fans of the Kikkimora posit that they exist solely to piss off the high and mighty, after all, it is damned hard to catch them.

Zima (Unseelie) to a one of them, if not quite the Thallain or Chert that others might attribute to them, the poor Kikkimora rarely have a place that welcomes them. However, they do have one great trick up their sleeves. Each and every one of their numbers can create a pocket dimension of her very own to hide safe and cozy. As many of them are runaways and orphans, it takes some time to find a house to set up in, but once there it is a small matter to simply spend an initial point of Zhivost’ (Glamour) and begin the moving in process.



“I want Dmitrii’s admiration. I want a victory. I even want power, over princes and chyerti. I am allowed to want things….”

–  The Winter of the Witch, Katherine Arden



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