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Quoth the Dullahan:

Malcom O’Reilley, I come for thee!… I mean it. I come for thee. Come on, dude, just get your Keister in the car, I gotta escort you to the underworld…

Kith Excerpt

Everyone knows the Headless Horseman, and a fair number even know of the Dullahan – the Hibernian Tribe of Undead Fae that counts that Horseman among their number. But how many ever celebrate this dark Hibernian family of Death-Fae? Also called, Dullaghan or more simply Gan Ceann (Irish for “without a head”), these monsters are more feared by their fellow Kithain than welcomed.

The Chrysalis starts when a kinain is violently decapitated. Picking themselves up, dusting themselves off, they pick up their head and figure out what to do next. The Dark Celtic Gods of Death put the new Dullahan on speed dial, and thus starts the bitter-sweet life of the newest Dullahan in the Tribe.

Crom Cruach, Balor-Ardry, Bres the Beautiful, even the Great Queen
Morrigan herself; there are quite a few dark Irish Gods still poking around the country-side. And they still make their
presence known to the Dullahan, who serve as messengers and go-fers, and any number of odd jobs.

When not playing fetch, however, there are plenty of jollies to be had. The Dullahan by dint of their violent and morbid thrust Into both the Dreaming and Death (don’t kid yourself folks, they are in fact dead), has gifted the Dullahan with a love of gallows humor and a bitter-sweet sense of Irony. This is important though. Because once a Dullahan’s life as a Changeling ends, so does their life altogether. But that’s not for a while now, so drink up!



“All these, however, were mere terrors of the night, phantoms of the mind that walk in darkness; and though he had seen many spectres in his time, and been more than once beset by Satan in divers shapes, in his lonely pre-ambulations …”

– Washington Irving,
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


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