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Quoth the Saci:

I’ve got a joke.

“What do you get when you cross and owl with a bungee cord?”

Give up?

“My ASS!”

You don’t get it?

Man, are you stupid.

Saci Excerpt

The Saci are a predominantly Unseelie Calli (Kith) of one- legged trickster monsters that bound throughout Brazilian folklore. Even the few Seelie of their number are the worst of obnoxious tricksters and can become obscenely violent if it can get a laugh. They have a long history that is somewhat steeped in Islamic folklore (not that they’d admit it) – with ties to pre-Judaic Djinn. These facets of their existence, coupled with a susceptibility to trappings of the faith, as well as a whiff of hell-fire sulfur with their magics, leads many to understand them as servants of El Diablos…

The Saci, for their part, simply play up such connections. It makes for one hell of a reputation, whether it’s true or not. The only truth they care about is what their next prank should be. Their true existence is one spent in search of fun and laughter; often at another’s expense. It should be noted that not all of them are bad- or at least not all of them are evil- but they know what they want, and what they want is a good time. This may or may not put them at odds with other Calli. It certainly puts them at odds with mortals, who are the unwitting butt of their jokes.

Each also has a long red hat -what some scholars understand to be a Phrygian Cap. This covering is an integral part of their true Ayauhcalli nature. To pinch such a cap from them means more than any of them would confess, and none of their numbers advertise the adverse effects (see Frailty below). When asked about the importance or origins of the hat, each has a venomous comeback dismissing the whole affair.



“He who has rejected his demons badgers us to death with his angels.”
– Henri Michaux


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