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Quoth the Smetek:

“My Daddy-Ancestor was a god-danged Demon, and I won’t be over-looked. You may be bigger and stronger and faster than me, but that won’t stop me from taking a shit in your shoe!”

Kith Excerpt:

Gods change, Poland changed, and the varied old Tribes changed with them all. The Polish Demons had to change too. Many were forgotten or migrated to new lands. Many were killed by the new church of the Christ God. A few Polish Fae yet remember these Demons’ names – Latawica, Liczyrzepa, Chóchółk, Smętek. There is one Krew of Polish Fae, however, that more than remembersthey live that loss every day. The Smętek Krew that inherited his name. As he was himself a dark God of chaos, his dark ways live on in his children. But this legacy is a sad and stunted Krew of Goblines, they would be Bies (Kithain) if they were anything more than pathetic.

Yet such pathetic sadness doesn’t hinder the Smętek’s resolve. If discord is what they are, then discord is what they will manifest. While nowhere near as malevolent as their demon God father, they can still stir up some disarray. Srogi (Unseelie) to a one of them, they make up for their lost inheritance of demonhood with mundane havoc and chaos.

Said chaos is now in the form of pranks, obnoxious behavior, and at worst petty theft. They may even cast harsh words at inopportune times (to get ires raised if nothing else). They rarely do anything to cause bloodshed. After-all, that was their father’s calling, not theirs. But ask any of the Wróżka (Fae) in the Kingdom of Beautiful Amber, and they’ll tell you, the Smętek are simply the worst. And thus the legacy of Smętek, Demon God Father of Turmoil, lives on.



“Once you begin being naughty, it is easier to go and on and on, and sooner or later something dreadful happens.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder


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