A Year & A Day: Star Children

Changeling: the Dreaming

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Quoth the Star Chidren:

“Chocolate covered, luscious, and habit-forming. You’re welcome to try at any time. I’ll be here all week.”

Kith Excerpt:

Afro-Futurist Funk-Fae Aliens of Atlantis, Back-alley Voodoo sorcerers with psychedelic secrets and Jerry-Curls, Insane Cheshire-Cat looking Monster-Funk-Spacemen who can do their thing underwater, this maddeningly Funky family of Fae is hard to define but can’t be misconstrued for anything but. Some Fae Scholars posit that they are a distant family of Eshu that got caught in the deepest of the deep Dreaming Realms. Others cite them as a small group of African Ancient Aetherites reinterpreted by the Dreaming as Fae. The Star-Children answer as honestly as they can.

“On past reality, he ain’t lookin’ for a moment (Eenie meanie miney wiggle), We’ll leave a candle in the windows of our conscious mind and we’ll find our way back to the One in time.”

The Star-Children, also known as Funkateers, Afronauts, or Super-Freaks, are a strange clan of Adhene that have taken up residence in these Great United States. According to their scientists (and they have many), they are primordial Fae that existed before the uprising of the Sons of Adam. They claim that they existed within and with a singular entity known as the ONE, until The Sons of Adam, who couldn’t comprehend the dizzying dancing ways anymore, drove them away. They placed their secrets in hidden temples and pyramids scattered around the world, and then left until a “More positive attitude towards this most sacred phenomenon, -cloned funk- could be acquired.” They returned with the Sidhe in 69’ and settled in the ghettoes and forgotten urban sprawls of the U.S. to continue their unknown research.

Despite their gregarious and honest ways, few, if any, can understand the ways of this cosmic group. The Star-Children just smile at their confused Fae brothers and Sisters and continue to pursue their own cosmic ends. Their time will come again, the Sons of Adam will embrace them once more, and everyone will be on the One. Though what that entails, no one outside the Star-Children can fully comprehend.



Those that chose to pay attention found that one could get deeper and deeper into P.funk and never reach the bottom. (George) Clinton’s entourage ritualized the funk into a metaphysical phenomenon of self-development not unlike the mystery systems of African and the Caribbean.

“FUNK: the Music, the People, and the Rhythm of the One.” – Ricky Vincent

“You See, we are scientists of Sound, and we are mathematically putting it down.”
— Kool and the Gang

“In the Beginning there was Funk.”
— George Clinton


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