A Year & A Day: Baofengyu

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Quoth the Baofengyu:

*None: Just cold stares and a hand held up to warn you against going further…

Kith Excerpt:

The Bàofēngyǔ, colloquially known as the Storms, are an ever-present force of controlled destruction for the 3 Kingdoms of Go. They are the living embodiments of Nature’s unbridled fury – icy blizzards, sand-storms, hail, thunder, lightning, torrential deluges of rain- but are also born to be protectors and servants.

Those with the resources and clout enough can boast of having a Bàofēngyǔ or two as retinue. They are lucky indeed, as nothing can deter a Storm from his duty. Even if working for the worst of an Evil Chinese Ghost-Wizard, their loyalty is unwavering. It should also be pointed out that the Bàofēngyǔ are almost always male, though this doesn’t mean that there are no female Storms. It would be a rare Master that could brag of having women of this Gasin Family.

The Storm’s chrysalis begins when that budding Hsien is caught in a storm that should to rights end their still-mortal existence. Faced with the colossal destructive power of Nature and their own impending death, the Storm opens up and beckons that soul into itself. What emerges is a new Bàofēngyǔ, anxious to seek out others like himself and a new master to serve.


“Storm approaching…
The second line, yin, shows the storm engulfing. ..
The third line, yin, shows one distressed by the thunder of the passing storm.
Good fortune comes if this fear inspires one to action…”
– The I-Ching, Hexagram 51


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