A Year & A Day: Zoog

Changeling: the Dreaming

Homebrew Rules

Character Creation Guide Download: Zoog.pdf

Quoth the Zoog:

Hey, hey, give me some of that chocolate man – just one M&M, they’re only on Earth, man. …Give me one, please?

Kith Excerpt:

In the verdant twilight tunnels of tangled twisted woods in the Deepest of Dreamings, whose heavy oak-trees grow low and thick with great masses of dark branches that dimly burn with the phosphorescence of otherworldly fungi, dwell the cautious and cagey Mythian tribe of Zoogs. While the name may seem juvenilely cute to the jaded mortal paradigm, those Half-Breed Changelings Bastards who have trucked with the ravenous Zoogs know full well that cute is a precarious incongruity.

The Zoogs are a Mythian Tribe, all of which are Denizen-Adhene of the Deepest Reaches, with nebulous origins in Earth’s Dreamlands, though they have been found in all the realms, from dread Sarmokand to just outside of Jule-Berg. They are twitching, sniffing, rat-possum-monkey-things whose vices range the whole of gamut of vices. Some crave strange moon-brew found only in the Gates of the Silver Key, while others crave the hearts-blood of victims sacrificed to Dark Outer Gods. The yearnings are as varied as the Zoogs themselves.

The only factor that unifies this twitchy tweaky tribe is a hunger for cat-meat, and a hatred for cat-kind. Since time immemorial, these two species have been at odds. None can say for sure and as the Zoogs put little emphasis on personal history at all, they will be hard-pressed to say where this enmity derives (aside from the Zoogs eating kittens that is…).



“Most of them live in burrows, but some inhabit the trunks of the great trees; and although they live mostly on fungi it is muttered that they have also a slight taste for meat, either physical or spiritual, for certainly many dreamers have entered that wood who have not come out.” Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath


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