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Quoth the Ipotane:

“Welcome traveler, come inside – I have vodka and stew, and would love to hear your tale.”

Kith Excerpt:

The Greek Fae have their Centaurs- lusty Half-Horse men with dark hungers and no inhibitions. Yet even the Kentauroi themselves speak of older and darker horse-men who rode on human-steeds. They named these mighty horse-lords the Ipotane and assumed that they too hailed from Olympos. In truth the Ipotane were storied Fae from far older lands much farther away. But of course one sees themselves in all stories, yes?

The Ipotane are a Mongolian Lagyeri (Kith) of bipedal Horse-headed warriors. They are one of the few Marcra Tribes (Double Seelie) as Western Dreamborn understands it, but amongst their own are usually of the Red Banner. They are perhaps the most open and accessible of any Asian Fae Family. Also known as the Hippopades to the Greeks- their word for themselves was the Moritoi Khümüüs – the Horse People. But as they are so few and far between in the great Mongolian expanse- Ipotane serves them just as well.

It should also be noted that they suffer from none of the darker passions of the Greek Horse-folk. They are not weakened by desires, nor are they addicted to sating fleshly hungers. In fact, if they are addicted to anything at all, it is ensuring that everyone is safe and happy. The Ipotane abhor unfairness, and relish in meting out justice– though their victims may not feel the same way.



“The Mongol without his pony is only half a Mongol, but with his pony he is as good as two men.” – Elizabeth Kendall, A Wayfarer In China


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