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Quoth the Roane:

“Hey! Hey! Come play! Take off those clothes and come play with me!”

Kith Excerpt:

While Mythology may remember the Selkie and celebrate their aquatic innocence, there is another family of Hibernian Kith with just as much innocence and three times the aquatic. The Roane are pseudo-kinfolk to a long-forgotten Selkie- shared ancestor. While the Selkie inherited the seal-coats from this ancestress, however, the Roane were born from her directly.

Born as Seals with kinain blood, the Roane are a Marcra (Double-Seelie) Tribe that inherit “People-Coats” and transform into those strange two legged beasts called humans. Don’t get it twisted, now. These “People-Coats” aren’t the skin of humans. Instead they are just strange inherited pieces of clothing that come from Gods know where. The pass-down from Grump Roane to Roane Kinain is almost exactly the same as the Selkie,
but with none of the gravitas.

Yet this lack of gravitas doesn’t mean that the Roane are flighty or shallow (at least not in seal terms). They are every bit as dedicated to justice and virtue as any Hibernian Kith. They will fight evil and hunt down monsters with the best of them. But it’s better to have fun when you’re doing it.



“Between the stones,
between the storms
Between Belief,
between the seas
Tá mé i dtiúin ( I am in tune. )”
Song of the Sea – 2014


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