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Quoth the Hsigo:

“I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed. There are absolutely no Winged monkeys in Chinese folklore. It was all mistranslation by outsiders with no real grasp of the Jia-gu wen. Oracle Bone that is, semiotics. Now if you excuse me, I would like to fling some poo at those tourists. Thank you.”

Kith Excerpt:

That above simplified Chinese writing? It doesn’t match. In fact, when it comes to the Hsigo, very few facts add up. What can be known about these nebulous Hsien is that they certainly aren’t winged monkeys. They have been reported to be dragons, hawks, little boys, tigers, dogs, owls, and of course, the monkeys they are so often purported to be., Perhaps they are all of them, perhaps none.

Yet it can’t be overlooked that the Hsigo do exist in some fashion. They appear as Monkeys with wings, true, but perhaps this is because so many mortals assume that they do. The Hsigo’s own chaotic lifestyle ensures no written account of their origins exists as such. And the whole lot of their own number is too hectically fractured to reach a consensus. It must be stressed that the Hsigo are unusually erudite about their collective misnomer. Each of the Hsigo is well-spoken and enjoy the indefinite historicity of their existence. Yet they enjoy destruction so much more. They are Obake after all.

What then, are the true implications of these mysterious and incorrectly cited Fae? What role do they play in the three kingdoms of Go? Perhaps the future of the Hsien might very well provide an answer that satisfies their intellectual cravings. Or not.



“Fly My Pretties, Fly!”
– The Witch never actually said this in the Wizard of OZ


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